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Release Notes

Version 3.6

  • Implemented VLAN management for cloud servers.
  • Improved web console for HP physical servers with iLO4 (Power and ISO management available in the console window).
  • Improved display of disk space usage (SSD and HDD separately, indicate mount points and usage separately for each partition).
  • Virtual servers are now backed up every day from Monday to Friday (starting from January 4, 2021), copies are kept for 14 days.

Version 3.5

  • User interface speed has been increased.
  • Changed the layout of the server management page, now all the necessary controls are immediately at your fingertips.
  • Extended storage period for virtual servers snapshots to 24 hours.
  • IP addresses are now monitored every 20 seconds instead of 1 minute as before.
  • Backups are now done once a week, the last 4 restore points are stored.
  • Now 1 IPv4 address is provided free of charge, the maximum number of IPs per server is 32 (Ukraine) or 16 (Bulgaria).
  • The public offer agreement has been updated.
  • Minor bugs fixed, small improvements implemented.

Version 3.4


  • Payment notifications for payment systems that are not instantly processed (bank payment, cryptocurrencies).
  • Added the ability to restore a server from a backup using the "quick rollback" method if the data on the server was not significantly changed.

New features:

  • Ability to automatically create a snapshot on OS installation finish (for virtual servers).
  • Implemented IP addresses monitoring system with log, user defined check rules and smart notifications.


  • Added ability to install Debian 10 (buster) OS

Version 3.3


  • Significantly improved user interface speed.

New features:

  • Connecting ISO images to physical servers with IPMI.
  • Restore virtual servers from backups.
  • Referral statistics on financial settings page.
  • Selection of the addressee when responding to an abuse.


  • A bug was fixed, as a result of which the installation of the Ubuntu 18.04 OS sometimes failed.
  • Minor interface improvements

Version 3.2

  • Implemented HMTL5 web-console for physical servers with iLO version 4 or higher
  • Real-time update of network, power and usage data on the server management page
  • Added referral link at the financial settings page
  • Improved order process, ability to choose OS before payment
  • Display amount in payment system currency at the payment page
  • Improved support notifications, ability to post message directly from telegram
  • Implemented Push notifications in any browsers except Mobile Safari
  • Implemented automatic page update on new message with audible notifications
  • Improved page layout in mobile page

Version 3.1

  • Added confirmation on IP-address deletion
  • Added automatic invoices generation for corporate clients
  • Added ability to close all session except current one
  • Improved layout of some pages in mobile version
  • Allowed to make orders without authorization
  • Added automatic cPanel installation option

Version 3.0

Initial version