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Vesta CP is a convenient, full-featured product that can be used both for personal purposes and for the provision of web hosting services.

This control panel has all features for convenient and quick work, without the need for "manual" editing configuration files. In full immediately after installation, the following are supported:

  • Apache + NGINX as a web server;
  • DNS server;
  • Mail server, including setting up DKIM, spam filters and antivirus;
  • Stable version of PHP;
  • MySQL 5.5 database management system;
  • Built-in backup functions;
  • Task Scheduler (cron);
  • Monitoring server load;
  • Fast, multilingual interface.

In order to enter the VestaCP control panel, you need to enter the address from which the panel will be available in the address bar of your browser, and then enter the login and password in the appropriate fields. All these data will be sent to you by e-mail after installing the operating system and control panel (for this, check the "Vesta control panel" checkbox on the OS selection page). Access data comes in this form (example):

Credentials to access VestaCP:


Username: admin

Password: WiNUH28A

The main page of the control panel looks like this:


For to study detailed instructions for working with this panel, we recommend that you read the official documentation of the developer