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Why do I need a VPN server?

VPN is a technology that provides high-level 256-bit encryption, which makes it almost impossible for your hackers and cyber criminals to violate your online security.

With a VPN, all your data is completely encrypted, no one can violate your privacy - even an Internet provider is not able to track your actions on the network.

This service will not affect the connection speed, because VPN networks are equipped with such features as SOCKS, proxies, smart DNS, etc.

VPN is the thinnest tool in matters of online security, privacy and freedom at the same time. Consequently, 100% reliable.

How it works?

At our service, we offer automatic deployment of a VPN server. It can be install in parallel with other services on your server. When ordering a service, select in the list of additional software - VPN server. Further, after the installation of the operating system is completed, a VPN server based on the L2TP protocol will also be installed. After that, you will receive data for access to the operating system and also access to the VPN. Sample data for access:

Credentials to access L2TP IPSec VPN-server:


Shared key: CZqh3RkvCi5G36bVKKqrsbko6mcPxHWx

Username: vpn

Password: zycv0yiS

This data must be specified in the network settings of your device. Now you have access to the Internet from the IP address of your server, and not the actual IP-address of the device.