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Automatic installation

Initially, all of our servers do not have a pre-installed operating system. Immediately after paying for the selected configuration, you will be asked to install the OS from the available menus. Installation is fully automated and does not require additional steps from you. After starting, you will see the installation progress, and upon completion, access data (IP, login, password) will be sent to your email.

Install from your image

If you want to upload your image of the operating system, then when ordering the server, check the "Do not install OS" box. Next, in your account on the server management page, you need to download the image. To do this, click the Iso "ISO images" button, then the "Upload" tab and select the desired image from your computer there. After the image is downloaded, just mount it right there, in the "Manage" tab, to do this, select the desired image and click the "Insert" button. Now, to boot the operating system from this image, just reboot the server and in Display "Web console" you can observe the start of installation of your system. Also, do not forget to eject this image after installation by clicking the "Eject" button in the ISO control menu, since after rebooting from this image, the installation will restart.