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In these settings, you can specify which communication channel for which events is best to receive notifications.

Here is a set with checkboxes , where you can choose the desired notification method to choose from: by email, by SMS, using the Telegram bot, or Push - browser notifications (you can choose one or several methods at the same time). To activate Telegram, you need to start a conversation with XServerCloudBot and log in there as a user, for this there is a direct Telegram link for activation.

If you have enabled browser notifications, then follow this instructions to enable the display of notifications by our site.

If you keep the situation with your servers under control or for some other reason do not want to receive notifications at all - there is a "silent mode" for this - the "Disable all notifications" checkbox. You will still receive abuse notifications to your primary email address.

In the "Financial settings" subsection, you can configure the notification period for the upcoming server expiration. Here you can choose how many days you need to send a reminder, there is a period from 1 to 14 days before the server expires. You will receive one reminder at the specified time, and then a warning on the day the server expires. If the server remains unpaid, you will receive alerts every day until the server is canceled.