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When ordering a new virtual or dedicated server, two free IP addresses are included in the server price by default. If you need additional addresses, they can be ordered in your account, the cost is $1/month for each IP. Maximum amount of IP addresses in the Ukraine location is limited to 100. In the Bulgaria location there are no more than 20 addresses. Allocation of IP addresses can be adjusted using following rules:

  • in a sequential order if possible;
  • from different subnetworks;

This options can be selected at the time of order.

All ordered IP addresses can be configured on the network interface automatically by checking the "Configure all IP addresses on the network interface" checkbox. If you want to do this later, or you ordered additional IPs after installing the operating system, then you can use the "ipadd" utility (included in the software package on all our Linux operating systems). Using "ipadd": enter this command and then a list of addresses that you need to configure separated with a space, then press Enter, for example:

ipadd ...

Where and are your IPs.

Adding an rDNS record (PTR) can be done in your account, just click on the button "List Settings ", as indicated in the screenshot below


Next, enter your PTR records for the necessary IP in the appropriate field and finally save the page.


You can also change the primary IP address on this page, but please note that this change only occurs in your personal account, the primary address does not actually change on the server, you must change it yourself in the network interface settings, or contact our technical support.