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When installing the operating system on our servers, we offer the automatic installation of the Linux graphical desktop based on xRDP + LXDE.

This service is an alternative to remote desktop using the Microsoft Windows operating system family. The advantages of this solution are the absence of a license fee (unlike Windows) and a rather stable, convenient operation of the service. That is, if you use only a browser during your work, then this option of graphics is perfect.

To install, on the page for selecting the operating system, check the box "Graphic desktop". At the end of the installation, access data will be sent to the email. They need to be entered in the appropriate fields of your RDP client, this is "Remote Desktop Connection" for Windows systems or with the help of the MacOS program - Microsoft Remote Desktop (you need to install it additionally). Access data comes in this form (example):

Credentials to access the server via RDP:


Username: User

Password: 4AsNspQs

Please note that the Linux Graphics Desktop installation is available only for the Debian 9 operating system.

Below is a screenshot of your server’s desktop after installing xRDP