Enabling PUSH Notifications for Various Browsers

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To enable browser push notifications:

- for Google Chrome:

In the browser address bar, click on the lock icon lock, and in this menu the "Notifications" section - select "Allow"


- for Mozilla Firefox:

1) Click the Siteinfobutton icon to call up the Control Center.
2) Click the arrow in the tooltip.
3) Click Details to open the Page Information window.
4) Click on the "Permissions" tab.
5) Under "Send notifications", select the "Allow" notification option. If options are grayed out, uncheck the box next to use default.

- for Safari:

1) Open the Safari application.
2) Select the menu bar "Safari" -> "Settings".
3) Go to the "Websites" section, and then to the "Notifications".
4) In the list of sites, find "Xserver Cloud" and select "Allow"