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The internal balance is very convenient to use for the automatic extension of your services. There are such options for customizing this function:   

  • Auto-renewal can be globally turned on or off in your account in the "Settings" - "Finance" section (off by default);
  • Auto-renewal can be selected in multiples of 1 day or 1 month;
  • if you have several servers, you can choose for which of them auto-renewal will be enabled; As indicated below


  • You can set auto-renewal priority by dragging servers in the list. First of all, the server that is higher in the list will be renewed.
  • Server validity period will be extended on the day it ends and if funds are available on the bonus or internal balance.
  • The internal balance can be replenished with any sum and any of the payment systems available in personal cabinet, the minimum payment amount is $ 1.