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  • User ID is an email address.
  • To increase the security level of your account, you can enable two-factor authentication (hereinafter referred to as 2FA) in the security settings. What is 2FA? This is when, after entering the e-mail and password in the login form, you will receive a one-time password using SMS or Telegram, which must be entered to complete the authorization process. In order for 2FA to work, you need to confirm your mobile phone number, or Telegram. To do this, in the "Settings" section, the "Main" tab, confirm the phone number by pressing the confirm button, then click "send code", having received the code via SMS, enter it in the corresponding field. Now your number is confirmed, and you can enable 2FA in the "Settings" section, the "Security" tab. To activate Telegram, click the XSevrerCloudBot button, confirm your Telegram account, now you can use Telegram for 2FA.
  • "Smart" login. This system works when the 2FA is on, the principle of operation is that the system will track your recent successful logins and will not ask for a confirmation code if your IP address and browser match these logins. You can enable or disable this feature, by default it is disabled.
  • Bind session to IP address. This login method is that if your IP address changes during the session, you will be automatically logged out. It is recommended to use if you are always logging in with a constant static IP address.